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Nicolo P. Pinchak

Centre for Social Investigation
Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Journal Articles


Brandon Carter, Christopher R. Browning, Bethany Boettner, Nicolo P. Pinchak, and Catherine A. Calder. Forthcoming. "Land-use Filtering For Nonstationary Spatial Prediction Of Collective Efficacy In An Urban Environment." Annals of Applied Statistics.


Pinchak, Nicolo P., Christopher R. Browning, Bethany Boettner, Catherine A. Calder, and Jake Tarrence. 2023. “Paws on the Street: Neighborhood-level Concentration of Households with Dogs and Urban Crime.” Social Forces 101(4):1888–1917.

Browning, Christopher R., Jake Tarrence, Catherine A. Calder, Nicolo P. Pinchak, and Bethany Boettner. 2022. “Geographic Isolation, Compelled Mobility, and Everyday Exposure to Neighborhood Racial Composition Among Urban Youth.” American Journal of Sociology 128:914–61.

Pinchak, Nicolo P., Christopher R. Browning, Bethany Boettner, and Catherine A. Calder. 2022. “Racial Inequalities in Exposure to Racial and Socioeconomic Segregation, Collective Efficacy, and Violence.” Demography 59(5): 1763–1789.

Kerber, Gigi and Nicolo P. Pinchak. 2022. “Consistency of Health Insurance Coverage and Women’s Reproductive Healthcare Access During Early Adulthood.” Population Research and Policy Review 41:825–42.

Pinchak, Nicolo P. and Raymond R. Swisher. 2022. “Neighborhoods, Schools, and Adolescent Violence: Ecological Relative Deprivation, Disadvantage Saturation, or Cumulative Disadvantage?” Journal of Youth and Adolescence 51(2):261–277.


Pinchak, Nicolo P., Christopher R. Browning, Catherine A. Calder, and Bethany Boettner. 2021. “Activity Locations, Residential Segregation, and the Significance of Residents’ Neighbourhood Boundary Perceptions.” Urban Studies 58:2758–81.

Colen, Cynthia G., Nicolo P. Pinchak, and Kierra Barnett. 2021. “Racial Disparities in Health among College Educated African Americans: Can HBCU Attendance Reduce the Risk of Subsequent Morbidity over the Lifecourse?” American Journal of Epidemiology 190:553-61.

Browning, Christopher R., Nicolo P. Pinchak, and Catherine A. Calder. 2021. “Human Mobility and Crime: Theoretical Approaches and Novel Data Collection Strategies.” Annual Review of Criminology 4:99-123.

Pinchak, Nicolo P. 2018. “The Relationship Between Teacher Regard and College Attendance Expectations: Socioeconomic and Racial–Ethnic Disparities.” Social Psychology of Education 21:209-221.

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